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Following in the proud legacy of Himalayan Bank Limited which has stood as the leading financial institution of Nepal since its inception in 1993, Himalayan Capital Limited has been established to provide financial solutions in the same vein, carrying forward the promise of reliable and sustainable growth for its customers with regards to the ever growing financial and capital markets of Nepal.

We strive to provide services on par with international standards and aspire to be the preferred provider of financial solutions in the country. We deliver services across individual and institutional dimensions by assisting in matters relating to financial management, capital structuring, wealth management and a plethora of advisory services.


To become the leading provider of tailored financial solutions across the economic spectrum and institutions and act as the catalyst for holistic development of effective financial and capital markets.


To drive the sustainable development of financial and capital markets, with solutions catered to local requirements in line with evolving global trends and developments,through the delivery of innovative products and services.


To be the Merchant Banker of first choice.

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