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Merchant Banking

As a merchant bank we recognize our role in the economy of the country. We enable issuers to raise capital and investors to place capital, with the objective of maintaining lowest cost of capital possible during the issue of capital and highest rate of return while investing. Designing financial instruments that create a balance within these two lateral ends of the economy, is what we strive for.

  1. Capital Raising

    We support our clients in the raising of capital to fulfill short/long term financing needs through the management of the capital raising process and providing a hedging mechanism for mitigating the risks associated.

  2. Securities Issue Management

    We advise and manage the public issue of securities, by advising on matters such as the timing, size and price of the issue. We act as manager to the issue and help in accepting applications and allotment of securities.

    With the ultimate objective of raising finance through issue of shares, debentures, and relevant securities, we help in starting a new business/project, assist in the modernization or expansion of a business and help bring ideas to life by ensuring capital requirements are fulfilled.

    We currently provide the following Securities Issue Management Services: 

    1. Initial Public Offerings of Shares/Bonds/Debentures/Other Relevant Securities.

    2. Rights Issue of Shares.

    3. Further Public Offerings of Shares.

  3. Private Placement Services

    Under private placement services, we ensure that issuers obtain capital in a time bound manner to finance their investment needs through the sale of securities to select group of investors, under this we provide services regarding:

    1. Advice on regulatory and compliance requirements

    2. Structure and design the instrument(s) along with their valuations

    3. Draft the necessary resolutions and shareholders agreements/documents

    4. Identify the prospective investors

    5. Negotiate the terms of investments

  4. Securities Underwriting

    Underwriting involves determining the risk of a particular security and providing a risk hedging mechanism for the same. As underwriters, we provide a stand-by commitment to assume ownership of securities to the extent undersubscribed by the Public. This ensures that the issuers of the security can raise the full amount of capital as required.

  5. Securities Registrar

    As Securities Registrar, we oversee the maintenance of records of securities of our clients and oversee all matters regarding the transfer and redemption of their securities after transaction in the Stock Exchange. This includes Share splits, pledging and transfer of ownership, and payment of dividends to concerned security holders.

    As RTS service provider, we are currently providing following set of services:

    1. Custodian of Securities

    2. Transfer of ownership

    3. Advisory services to Companies for conducting Annual General Meeting

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