Thamel, Kathmandu

Himalayan Incubator Program

A nurturing space for young entrepreneurs to work in a professional environment around like-minded people with mentorship.



A set number of applicants shall be fixed in consideration of the limited resources of the organization.Minimum criteria of having a registered company needs to be met in order for companies to enroll. Signing a Nn-Disclosure Agreement between HCL and the teams. Profiling of the team involved shall be done and preliminary filtering shall be done on the basis of volume of applications received.


Providing workspace and other facilities along with regular interaction with these startups providing them with continous guidance on preliminary issues that they have encountered along with recommendations to form the business ideas and tweaks for the same (2-3 months before demo pitch).


Monthly demo-pitch shall be required on status of their idea and progress being made by these companies. Ranking of the companies shall be done and best presenter, or best idea/startup of the month shall be declared and promoted through all of HCL’s social media. TOR shall be signed for qualifying companies including participation of equity by HCL for non-cash consideration.


Structured training shall be provided to qualified companies on management/ leadership strategies, regulatory requirements, staffing, operationalizing, business building and expansion in order to strengthen the startup team. (6 months)


Once a company has passed the pre-idea stage and is fit to move to further stage, HCL shall collaborate with the companies to frame strong business models, business planning and involve directly to help the company move to next stage. (3 months)

Financing and operationalizing

HCL shall either assist the company in being identified by other VCs for financing, acquire debt financing or in cases invest in the startups, and assist them in initial operationalizing of the company.



To the startup companies

  1. Ideas shall be featured as “Startup of the month” on all social media platforms exposing them to a network of businesses/ possible investors.
  2. HCL shall connect the companies with possible value chain agents (financiers, suppliers, peers, possible customers).
  3. Teams shall be provided at no cost, workspace, coffee, and internet access.
  4. Advisory and Research team shall hold regular interactions with the teams, guiding them frequently on problems being encountered, possible suggestions to tweak their business model.
  5. Structured training to cohorts shall be provided on regulatory requirements, financing requirements, pitching their companies to investors.
  6. Guidance shall be provided to companies for business idea generation, business model planning, business plan development, and financial projections.

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