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  1. Investment Management
    We invest in different kinds of investments on behalf of our clients based on thorough research, data analytics and years of experience, in order to ensure attractive rates of return. As part of our Investment Management services, we will be providing the following services:

    1. Portfolio Management
      Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a professional investment management service tailored as per clients’ risk- return appetite that primarily invests in securities like equity, fixed income securities etc. Portfolio Management Services are offered to individuals who wish to opt for personalized management of their finances. Unlike Mutual Funds, the ownership of securities lies with the investor and is actively managed by professional manager. Our portfolio management services offer a variety of investment products tailored to the risk-return profile most suitable for our clients.:


    Sarbottam Pratifal Yojana

    Sarbottam Pratifal Yojana aims to deliver premium returns for taking calculated risks. Anyone with an appetite and ability to take bold risks can avail this scheme and get industry leading returns.

    Minimum Investment: NRs. 300,000 /-.

    Dirghakalin ShuvaLav Yojana

    For those with a long-term investment horizon who wish to invest for a bright and stable future, HCL’s DirgakalinShuvaLavYojana is designed to cater to your long-term aspirations or obligations be it your children’s education or marriage, buying a vehicle or building a home, or even medical costs that occur when your age winds down. Those who have passed the stage of saving and are planning for retirement/ long-term financial goals can reap optimum benefit from asset mix of this product.

    Minimum Investment NRs. 500,000/-

    Santulit Pratifal Yojana

    For those of you who are more cautious & prefer stable returns but do not want volatility & the whirlwinds of a rapidly evolving market, HCL’s SantulitPratifalYojana delivers stable returns through a balanced combination of equity and fixed/money market instruments. Investors who seek capital preservation but also want stable returns will love the asset mix of this scheme.

    Minimum Investment NRs. 300,000/-

    Sambriddha Naari Pratifal Yojana

    In an age where women are challenging traditional notions and breaking through that glass-ceiling time and time again, HCL’s SambriddhaNaariPratifalYojana is aimed towards making a contribution in this movement of independence and greatness.Our thrust is in helping to build a habit of investment among all women through a scheme that offers them that extra bit more, be it a more reasonable fee structure or a portfolio which helps them get good returns consistently.

    Minimum Investment NRs. 300,000/-

    Minimum Investment NRs. 300,000/-

    For the respected seniors, whose contribution in nation building has been truly exceptional, HCL's Jestha Nagarik Pratifal Yojana offers a portfolio that provides you an avenue to pursue good returns while also helping protect and build on your life's savings. This scheme focuses foremost on the safety of your life's savings by allocating an appropriate mix of fixed income & money market instruments & equity instruments that primarily focus on capital protection.

    Minimum Investment NRs. 300,000/-

    Sunishchit Pratifal Yojana

    For the wary among us, who donot quite trust the volaitilty of the stock market, Sunischit Pratifal Yojana aims to deliver above average returns on investment with both principal and return guaranteed. Investors who donot want a losson their investment and seek capital preservation above higher returns can avail this scheme.

    Minimum Investment NRs. 300,000/-

    Minimum Investment NRs. 300,000/-

    Mero Portfolio Yojana

    For those of us who want portfolios that are specifically designed to meet your exact investment needs, HCL’s Mero Portfolio Yojana provides a progressive approach towards investing where we observe and listen intently to design the best portfolio for our clients based on their specific investment goals & risk appetite. The portfolio hence developed will focus on fulfilling your risk - return expectations within your specified investment time horizon.

    Minimum Investment NRs. 2,500,000/-

    Sho-Bibek PMS

    For those of us who have the intuition for investment and can make bold decisions but need someone to advise them through the complexities of a rapidly evolving capital market; HCL’s Sho-Bibek PMS offers a consultative and transparent method of investing where you make the best investment decisions with the help of our industry leading research and market insights .We will take care of the administrative hassles including deal execution and provide tailored reports for optimum investment decisions.

    Minimum Investment NRs. 5,000,000/-

  2. Mutual Fund

    A mutual fund pools money from many investors and invests the money in securities such as stocks, bonds, and short-term debt. The combined holdings of the mutual fund are known as its portfolio. Investors buy shares in mutual funds. Each share represents an investor’s part ownership in the fund and the income it generates. Mutual Fund aims to offer high-quality investment solutions to investors seeking long term wealth creation.

    We have access to some of the finest minds in the Investment Management and Equity Research that enables us to run a unique investment philosophy and deploy robust investment strategies that can stand that can assure the best returns for our clients. With due approval from Regulatory authorities, the Himalayan plans to manage “Himalayan Mutual Fund” for its parent company, Himalayan Bank Limited.

We are in a continuous search to identify and capitalize on the best investment opportunities for our clients to provide effective returns on their investment with us.

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