Thamel, Kathmandu

Depository Participant

We are an authorized Depository Agent, licensed from SEBON & an authorized member of CDSC and Clearing Limited and provide Depository Participant related services. As DP, we act as an intermediary between CDS and the investors who hold their DEMAT accounts with us. We provide the following sets of services with respect to DP:

  1. Open DEMAT (Dematerialization) Account to safely store different types of securities.
  2. De-materialization/ Re-materialization of Physical Shares for greater convenience.
  3. Electronic settlement of trades performed on stock exchange.
  4. Pledging and release of securities with regards to Margin Lending for securities investment.
  5. Change of beneficial ownership (family transfer, death transfer)
  6. Settlement of Over-The-Counter trading.
  7. Transfer of company returns (right shares, cash/stock dividends) in the DEMAT account and corresponding Bank Account wherever applicable.

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